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  Help fund my kickstarter and receive some great perks below. Each level receives the app in addition to an awesome gift.

Donate $2

Get the App
Donate $2 and get the app for free. Every little bit helps. If you have ever struggled to do your home teaching and thought "There has to be an app somewhere," now is your chance to make that dream a reality.

Donate $5

Bumper Sticker
Donate $5 and you get the app and this cool bumper sticker. But really, you can stick it on a binder, window, bumper, book cover or your home teaching companions back (subtle hint).

Donate $20

Donate $20 and get the app and this awesome T-shirt. We have sizes up to 2x. Be proud to show everyone that you are taking a stand and that there are no more excuses to not do your home teaching.

Donate $20

Donate $20 and get the app and this awesome T-shirt. Be proud to show everyone that you are taking a stand and that there are no more excuses to not do your visiting teaching.

Donate $20

Temple Socks
Donate $20 and get the app and these awesome Temple Socks. Choices include Salt Lake, Manti, Provo, San Diego, Mesa and Rexburg. Keep your feet warm and be reminded of your favorite temple.

Donate $50

Tie & Tie Tack
A $50 donation gets you this awesome tie and a cool tie tack with the "No More Excuses" Logo imprinted on it. Be part of a movement to remove all excuses not to do your home teaching. 

$100 - $1,000

Sponsor Link
Donate between $100 and $1,000 and get a link in the app on our sponsors page. We want to thank those who want to lend that extra support. Links are subject to approval. *No links to objectionable material, gambling, or other morally substandard sites will be listed.

Amazing Temple Trip

Sacramento Temple
You and a guest will fly RT from anywhere in the continental USA to visit the Sacramento Temple while staying two nights at the 3-star Lake Natoma Inn which sits on the banks of Lake Natoma. Your hotel is in the heart of Historic Folsom and less than 10 minutes from the Sacramento Temple grounds. Enjoy complimentary dinner for two at any one of several restaurants close by. You can also take a drive in your free rental car to Historic Old Sacramento or the California State Capital. Enjoy carriage rides and many shops if that is your fancy. This is a great way to visit a beautiful Temple and escape, all while helping shape the way home teaching and visiting teaching are done forever. (Oh.. and of course you get Reward levels 1-5)

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Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter. Check this site often for updates. We will be officially launching the Kickstarter campaign September 1st, 2014.
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About Me...

fb-square I am a father a blended family that consists of 7 boys and 1 girl. I have always struggled with my home teaching. Lots of excuses, lots of list changes, lots of missed calls. So, I decided to do something about it. As a graphic designer with 18 years experience I knew enough to get started and I am now working with a mobile app development company to develop an approximate cost for this app. I got tired of feeling bad each month when the reminders to get your home teaching done came 'round. If this app can help/motivate even a few people then I have done something good. Faith without works is dead. And I this is my attempt to stop hiding behind excuses and start a movement within elder's quorums around the globe. No More Excuses!

E-mail: ldsapp@myhometeachingapp.com
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